When you arrive, we will have some client forms to help us get to know you. You can download them here or we will provide them on your first visit. You’ll find a map and directions here.

These forms may take about 15 minutes to complete so arrive a little early, or come with them filled out. It can be helpful if your attending veterinary clinic send a copy of the patient records including blood work, results of laboratory testing or procedures that they have done.

  • It is best if you avoid grooming your pet at least one week prior to the visit as this can change the architecture of the skin.
  • Please do not feed your pet the morning of the appointment in case blood work or sedation is needed.
  • If you are coming for evaluation of an allergic condition we suggest discontinuing the administration of antihistamines and/or steroids.

Please discuss stopping medications with your veterinarian. They will provide a safe withdrawal protocol for you if it’s appropriate. If withdrawal from these medications is not possible, Dr. Mundell will still be able to discuss therapeutic options during your first visit.


Dr. Mundell’s hours are by appointment only, please call (425) 771-4600. We are occasionally out of the office as Dr. Mundell travels for meetings, and for evaluation of horses.


If you find it necessary to cancel your appointment, a 48-hour notice is appreciated.